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You show up like a hurricane, all hungry-eyed and weather-stained
The clock forgets to tick and I the same

I died the day you disappeared, so why would you be welcome here?
Ride the wind that brought you back away

No you can't come in
No you can't come in

Elements - A Fine Frenzy
(I get a 'Jack tries to convince Kate to return back to the Island' kind of vibe when I listen to this song.)

The feeling was strange
But she recognised it when
She lay with him; joy



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The metallic impact shook through her body with such ferocity, she wondered if she could survive much longer. As she melted in and out of conciousness, she recognised his face. "Kiss me, James" she said. Then, as if a spark was suddenly ignited, she saw another world where she was whole and everything was bright. A smile formed onto her face, everything was slipping away. But she was not scared; she was safe in his arms. And then, black.



(This is Kate when she's angry. Kind of.)


Paused for a moment
She looks over the blue sea
Lost within its depth

Kate remembered their first proper "date" as if it were yesterday. That is, she recalls particular details of the evening that may usually go un-noticed to some peple, whilst big details like the restaurant's name completely escapes her.

She remembers the smell of Jack's cologne, the fabric of his suit and how he held his knife and fork. She remembers the way his eyes looked different without the reflection of the ocean within them. She remembers the way Jack cut his meat, she remembers that there were five carrots on his plate and he let her taste one of them.

Most of all, she remembers the feeling of complete and utter freedom.

it's safe to say i'm walking a lot
it's safe to say i'm thinner
it's safe to say if we don't find food soon
we won't make it through winter
i'm walking, i'm running, i'm picking up steam
i'm threatening to explode
i'm going to make it, we're going to make it

Running - Menomena
(I imagine these kind of thoughts were running through the Losties' heads when they first crashed on the Island.)


 Tired of the question
To which he has no answer
He just replies "Soon"
(Jack is pestered about exactly when everyone will be rescued.)



the ocean is blue
as blue as your eyes
I'm gonna take it with me
when I go

Take It With Me - Megan Mullally
(I imagine this song as a sort of retrospective look at Sawyer and Juliet's happiness during their DHARMA days, and how sorry Juliet is to have left him.)


(I made a quick sketch of a Sawyer/Juliet-in-limbo idea, in which Sawyer provides Juliet protection. I don't know, either.)


(free space)
"Honey," he calls her
Now the words ring through the house
Without a reply

fire your guns
it's time to run
blow me away
(I will stay, in the mess I made)
after the fall
we'll shake it off
show me the way

Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin
(This is a loud, rock song that I associated with Jack and his need to save everyone on the Island.)

And I, I've seen the waves
Inside your heart
Turning you upside down

And I, I heard the dreams
You have at night
Giving you trouble

But I don't know you
Will you show me
Who you are?

I Don't Know You - Kate Havnevik
(Kate asks Sawyer to direct her in getting to know him.)

"I shot a polar
bear," he gestured, waving his gun
like a damn hero

On one of the many hikes throughout the treacherous jungle that occurred upon the Island, one member of the group collapsed to his knees, complaining that he simply could not go any further. "Just give me a minute," Sawyer pleaded, as he fell back to lean against a tree. The rest of the group were obviously agitated, reluctantly taking a break to hydrate themselves. Hurley, obviously enjoying the irony, positioned his hands upon his hips. "Now that," he inclined his head to the panting man on the ground, "is just lazy."

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